Call for Parteners HVSN


“Health & Vitality through Sports & Nutrition”

Coordinator: The Youth Center – Tinklub Braila

Perioada activitatilor: 15 –  24 September 2015

Place: Braila, Romania

5 Grops country (each group must have 5 person + 1 leader)

The aim of the “Health & Vitality through Sports & Nutrition” project is to emphasize what a healthy lifestyle means and how it can be achieved in our modern lives full of daily challenges. Consequently, this project meets one of the annual priorities of the Youth in Action program for the present year, that is the fact that it promotes healthy behaviours, in particular through the promotion of the practice of outdoor activities and grassroots sport, in combination with good nutrition, as well as to foster social inclusion and the active participation of young people in society.

Participants will get enriched with key elements in maintaining their overall physical well being, learning that good nutrition, regular exercise, moderation in drinking and smoking, stress management and limiting exposure to environmental hazards are all pieces of the same puzzle called an overall healthy lifestyle.

The project is also focused on promoting common European values and traditions, contemporary topics of interests for youth, for instance intercultural learning amongst youngsters, good collaboration and fair-play communication skills gained through non-formal methods of education and proactive participation in the civic life of the community. in order to help youth in growing up with a better self-respect and self-confidence. All promoters will put great emphasis on youth active citizenship, cultural diversity, multilingualism, non-formal educational methods and will instill in the participants the sense of good communication and mutual understanding, so as to raise cooperation between youth from different cultural backgrounds.

The project will take place in Braila, Romania, and will last 10 days, excluding the travel days. The activities will include daily physical exercise, workshops and team buildings activities, two days spent at a swimming & fitness centre and one day hiking.

This project will cover:

– accomodation and food;

– transport the cost for the participants according to Erasmus Plus distances calculator);

For aplly to this project please send a email at wich have the title „HVSN Partener” with the following documents:

– Registration Form >>>> Click here for download<<<<;

 Deadline: 15.04.2015